Multiple Teams · Basketball Schedule Moves to Conference Only Due to COVID 19 Concerns

The situation around COVID 19 continues to present challenges and obstacles to all of our schools as we attempt to safely educate and provide opportunities for our students and school communities. At University Christian High School we have just endured a two week long quarantine of all three of our basketball teams due to exposures that took place before Thanksgiving. This caused a disruption in many aspects of our academic and extracurricular programs.

As we approach the end of our semester and the Christmas holidays we have three main goals in mind relative to the current status of COVID 19 in our community. First we want all of our students and families to be safe, second we want to complete our final exams with no disruptions and finally we want our families to be able to celebrate Christmas without having to quarantine. Toward these ends the UCHS administrative team has decided to cancel all of our non-conference basketball schedule and, instead, play a conference only schedule that would resume on January 19, 2021. Changes are reflected on the schedules for all three UCHS teams on tis website.